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Privacy Policy

At Managed Homecare, we're committed to ensuring that your personal information is securely recorded and never misused. To improve the quality of services, we collect information through our website. The information we collect is protected and handled with discretion. 

This Privacy Policy explains what personal data we collect and why, how we use it, the control you have over your personal data and the procedures we have in place to protect it.

Why is Personal Data Needed?

It is not necessary for us to collect every personal detail about you. The reason we need to collect your personal information is to provide quality services that clients expect from us. 

We define privacy as any information that could be used to identify you or another individual.

How is Personal Data Stored?

Despite our agency growing, our offices store your personal and general information securely, under lockdown. The use of ClearCare allows us to further secure your information. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and only authorized parties are able to view such information.

Who is Responsible For Your Personal Data?

Our agency is responsible for securing and not misusing the information you and clients are trusting us with. Any misuse of any information is strictly prohibited.

What Information is Collected From You?

Client name, number, email, home address, emergency contact(s), SS number, insurance information, doctor information, care plan, and medical history are gathered once the Service Agreement is completed. informs the office management who and from where the website is being visited from. No names, contact information is taken from visitors unless voluntarily filling out our contact form.

Privacy Policy: Features
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